Product and system designer

-With a special interest in gestural interaction and experience design.

I have a broad professional vision, producing art, design and research-based work, but always with deeply focussed aims. With empathy and enthusiasm for creative processes, my human-centered approach tests the delicate boundary between people and evermore ubiquitous technology.

I am currently self-employed as a designer, consultant and tutor having recently graduated from the Innovation Design Engineering double masters at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. I am prepared to take projects in a variety of fields so please do get in touch if you have and ideas that you need to turn into reality!

Work: Self-employed designer, consultant and tutor | Research for slowLab | Design engineering at CEIIA | Webdesign for Arquigest
Play: Design London Fellow | Royal College of Art, MA | Imperial College London, MSc | King's College London, Beng | St. Julian's School, IB

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